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6th ENS@T Scientific Meeting

  • 03 Nov 2006
  • 04 Nov 2006
  • Munich, Germany
The 6th ENS@T Scientific Meeting was held in Munich, Germany.

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13.00 - Get together and Introduction

Session I (13:30 - 15:15) - Update on current ENS@T projects from the ACC and NAPACA Working group (chaired by B. Allolio)

13:30 - TIS11 family proteins and the control of mRNA stability in the adrenal cortex 
N. Cherradi, Grenoble

13:45 - BMP dependent effects on adrenal tumorigenesis
I. Johnsen, Freiburg/Munich

14:00 - Potential role of type I interferons in adrenocortical carcinoma growth 
L. Hofland, Rotterdam

14:15 - Phenotypical characterization of the NCI side population
F. Beuschlein / U. Lichtenauer, Munich/Freiburg

14:30 - Uppsala experience of the role of PET-scanning in management of ACC
B. Skogseid, Uppsala

14:45 - Prognostic markers of adrenal cortical tumors: a molecular approach and The Carney complex cohort: follow-up
J. Bertherat, Paris (from Session IV, Proposals)

15:00 Urinary steroid profiling via GC/MS in ACC - first results of EURINE ACC 
W. Arlt, Birmingham

Coffee break (15:15-15:30)

Session II (15:30-17:15): Update on current ENS@T projects from the APA Working group (chaired by F. Mantero)

15:30 - Prospective comparison of the captopril and the saline infusion test for excluding primary aldosteronism due to aldosterone-producing adenoma: results of the PAPY Study and proposal for collaborative studies 
G.P. Rossi and F. Mantero, Padua

15:45 - Prediction of outcome in 168 patients with PA having undergone adrenalectomy
E. Letavernier, Paris

16:00 - Introduction of the German Conn Registry
M. Quinkler, Berlin

16:15 - Role of endothelial cells in modulation of aldosterone release
I. Ansurudeen, Dresden

16:30 - Quantitative expression of urotensin-II and urotensin-II receptor in the normal human adrenal gland, aldosterone-producing adenomas and pheochromocytoma. 
L. Giuliani, Padua

16:40 - G-protein coupled receptor expression in APA - microarray and RT-PCR results from Padua and Paris
B. Mariniello Padua and C. Zennaro, Paris

17:00 Aberrant receptor expression in PA - clinical characterization
O. Zwermann, Munich

Coffee break (17:15-17:30)
Session III (17:30-19:15): Update on current ENS@T projects from the Pheo Working group (chaired by P.-F. Plouin)

17:30 - Hereditary PGL in France: the PGL.NET cohort
A. P. Gimenez-Roqueplo, Paris

17:45 - Novel VHL mutations with unusual clinical presentation 
T. Ercolino, Florence

18:00 - Novel markers and targets for the prognosis and treatment of malignant pheochromocytomas
Y. Anouar, Rouen

18:15 - SDHB gene mutations predict survival in patients with malignant PH and PGL
L. Amar, Paris

18:30 - Very low penetrance of SDHB mutation in three Italian families with a large number of carriers
G. Opocher, Padua

18:45 - Detection of large rearrangements in the PH/PGL genes using QMPSF
N. Burnichon, Paris

19:00 - A VHL intronic sequence variant associated with pheochromocytoma
F. Schiavi, Padua

Dinner (20:00 -23:00)

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Saturday, November 04:

Morning Session: Update on current "ENS@T projects" (09h00 - 12h00)

Session IV (09:00-11:00): Proposal for future ENS@T projects (chaired by M. Reincke)

09:00 - Special topic: How to set up a genetic screen for patients with sporadic PA
T. Meitinger, Munich

09:25 - Evaluation of adrenal masses: the 18-FDG approach
X. Bertagna, Paris (from Session I, ACC and NAPACA)

09:40 - The metabolic syndrome in patients with incidentally detected adrenal adenomas: evaluation of the outcome of adrenalectomy compared to conservative management
M. Terzolo, Torino

09:55 - Quality control in laboratory assessment of aldosterone and renin in biological fluids
M. Bidlingmaier, Munich

10:10 - Genetic regulation of aldosterone: interactions between CYP11B1 and CYP11B2
J. Connell, Glasgow

10:25 - Further implementation of a European database of Pheo/PGL gene mutations and polymorphisms
A. P. Gimenez-Roqueplo, Paris

10:40 - Multi-targeted tyrosin-kinase inhibitor - new options for refractory ACC patients - discussion of two potential phase II trials
A. Berruti, Torino and M. Fassnacht, Würzburg

Coffee break (11:00) and End of Session

ENS@T Steering committee meeting (11:00 - 14:00)

14:00 - End of Meeting

Retrospect to the 15th ENSAT meeting in Birmingham Nov 2016

The 15th ENS@T scientific meeting was held at the University of Birmingham and chaired by Wiebke Arlt.
Attendees came from 22 countries to participate in the two day conference, which began on  the Friday at the Everyman Cinema, Mailbox, where there was a packed programme of oral presentations.  Delegates enjoyed networking in the evening  at the Festive Awards Dinner in the Banqueting Suite, Council House, Birmingham.
Day 2 was held at the Medical School, University of Birmingham and consisted of working groups, oral communications and guided poster sessions.  There was also  a parallel patient strand programme in collaboration with ACC Support UK. Patients attending this meeting were given the opportunity to join the conference for some of the sessions.
The meeting is entirely submission-driven and science from the whole of Europe and beyond was presented, focussing on the four different entities, non-aldosterone producing adrenocortical adenoma (NAPACA), adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC), phaeochromocytoma (PHAEO) and primary aldosteronism (APA).
In addition to ENSAT, the conference was supported by the European Society of Endocrinology, HRA Pharma, Millendo Therapeutics and Alta Bioscience.


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