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In 2011 two ENS@T working groups (ACC and Pheo/PGL) have established the ENS@T-CANCER consortium which is funded by the seventh framework program of the European Union. This newly formed consortium has the following objectives:
  1. Structuring European clinical and translational research through implementation of a virtual research environment (VRE)
  2. Improving clinical outcome of patients with adrenal cancer by conducting interventional trials carried out by European centres of excellence
  3. Improvement of differential diagnosis and risk stratification of adrenal cancer
  4. Identification and validation of tools for follow-up of patients with adrenal cancer
  5. Identification of novel biomarkers for treatment response
  6. Screening for molecular mechanisms as the basis to improve treatment response

The ultimate aim of the ENS@T-CANCER Consortium is to develop research in the field of adrenal cancers to improve diagnosis and treatment abilities.

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The ENS@T-CANCER consortium brings together renowned researchers from across Europe, each with a strong clinical and/or scientific background and highest expertise in the field of Endocrine oncology. Below is a map of the Consortium:

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