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Classifying Architectural Data Sharing Models for e-Health Collaborations

24 Mar 2011 13:00 | Anonymous
Richard Sinnott, Anthony Stell, Jipu Jiang


The e-Health vision of seamless access to and use of distributed data sets
crossing the clinical and post-genomic biomedical data domains (and others) is a
compelling one. In the realisation of this vision, a multitude of heterogeneous software
systems and models have been developed and shown to meet the needs of many
individual e-Health scenarios and communities. However it is still the case that no clear
consensus on what an e-Health infrastructure should look like has been established. As
a result a proliferation of IT solutions has been developed and will likely continue to
exist for the foreseeable future. The core contribution of this paper is to classify
architectural patterns of data-driven e-Health collaborations. These are illustrated
through a range of examples showing experiences in their application. It is hoped that
the definition of these design patterns will provide a conceptual framework through
which future e-Health infrastructures can be contextualised and lessons learned to shape
future e-Health IT initiatives.

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